Alligator Moon Suite

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Hunter, McNees, Morgenstern

A suite of songs written by Robert Hunter. It was recorded but never released by the band Comfort in 1976. According to Robert Hunter, a ballet was choreographed for it, and Comfort performed the whole show three times, including at the Hookers' Ball.

Robert Hunter Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1978 Alligator Moon Comfort
(1) the track list for the album includes another track Cigarette that looks as if it should be part of the Suite, even though no lyrics appear in "Box Of Rain".

During a performance on 30 October 1983, a fan called out for "Alligator Moon". Robert Hunter said:
"I'll tell you hat Alligator Moon has turned into. It's like I was never happy with it in the form that it was like that. And now it has turned into something else again. It' doesn't even - well, has some of the same characters but some of them, you know, they weren't going anywhere and they didn't deserve to be in a song. So I replaced ... well Cigarette's real name as you remember was Alouette."
He then quoted an extract from Domino:
Cherry St. Helene, a girl of French descent

who left St. Lou and met Melina 'cross the borderline
If beauty's in the beholder's eye
it must have been in mine

'cause when I saw Melina with you on either hand
something in my heart stood
and cried strike up the band!
He continued:
"That's all gone - I threw it all out. Instead I got this perverse triangle and submissive and dominance going on."


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