Alligator Moon

An album Robert Hunter recorded with the band Comfort. It was never released.
Mesa Linda (note 1)
Domino, Cigarette, and Melina (note 1)
Domino (note 1)
Blue Note (note 1)
New East St. Louis Blue (note 1)
Cigarette (note 2)
She Gives Me Love 
Drunkard's Carol (note 3)
Hooker's Ball (note 3)
Jesse James 
Promontory Rider (note 3)
(1) part of the Alligator Moon Suite.
(2) this is an oddity. Hunter gives the track title in the listing for the album in the discography in "Box Of Rain" but the lyrics for the song don't appear in the published suite "Alligator Moon" even though it looks as if it should be part of it.
(3) these tracks were subsequently released in the compilation album Promontory Rider.


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