Day 2: West Wyalong to Gunnedah

A longish drive to Gunnedah. Katie and I shared driving, with the usual friendly squabbles about what music to play (I had taped a selection which included only modest amounts of Grateful Dead!) Our route took us across lots of the rivers that resonate through Australian history - the Macquarie, the Lachlan, the Castlereagh, the Condomine - which provided good venues to stop and eat sandwiches. Also our first stone chip on the windscreen, not a goood start.

In Gunnedah, we were staying with Ann Knight, who's an artist and had visited Katie's studio in the UK, and who provided her usual enthusiastic welcome. She lives just up the hill from a vet's and had recently acquired a battered puppy who was very friendly - Katie had to ring up Holly, who was staying out at Braidwood to make sure she was OK!

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