Index of our trip around the north of Australia

This was to be an account of our trip around the north of Australia, from 7 July to 26 September 1999. Since Katie banned me from taking my laptop on the trip (wisely!), I planned to write everything up when we got back - but never got beyond the first couple of days.

Intro: Background to the trip
Day 1:  Fri 9 Jul:    Canberra to West Wyalong (280km)
Day 2:  Sat 10 Jul:    West Wyalong to Gunnedah (525km)
Day 3:  Sun 11 Jul:    Gunnedah to Noosa (800km)
Day 4:  Mon 12 Jul:    In Noosa
Day 5:  Tue 13 Jul:    Noosa to Sarina (860km)
Day 6:  Wed 14 Jul:    Sarina to Townsville (540km)
Day 7:  Thu 15 Jul:    In Townsville
Day 8:  Fri 16 Jul:    Townsville to Porcupine Gorge (415km)
Day 9:  Sat 17 Jul:    Porcupine Gorge to McKinlay (465km)
Day 10:  Sun 18 Jul:    McKinlay to Gregory Downs (490km)
Day 11:  Mon 19 Jul:    Gregory Downs to Lawn Hill (120km)
Day 12:  Tue 20 Jul:    In Lawn Hill
Day 13:  Wed 21 Jul:    Lawn Hill to Renner Springs (820km)
Day 14:  Thu 22 Jul:    Renner Springs to Katherine Gorge (560km)
Day 15:  Fri 23 Jul:    Katherine Gorge to East Alligator River (400km)
Day 16:  Sat 24 Jul:    East Alligator River to Cobourg Penninsular (340km)
Day 17:  Sun 25 Jul:    In Cobourg Penninsular
Day 18:  Mon 26 Jul:    Cobourg Penninsular to Waterfall Gorge (495km)
Day 19:  Tue 27 Jul:    Waterfall Gorge to Douglas Hot Springs (305km)
Day 20:  Wed 28 Jul:    Around Douglas Hot Springs
Day 21:  Thu 29 Jul:    Douglas Hot Springs to Victoria River Downs (600km)
Day 22:  Fri 30 Jul:    At Victoria River Downs
Day 23:  Sat 31 Jul:    Victoria River Downs to Kununurra (430km)
Day 24:  Sun 1 Aug:    Canoing down Ord River
Day 25:  Mon 2 Aug:    Canoing down Ord River
Day 26:  Tue 3 Aug:    Canoing down Ord River
Day 27:  Wed 4 Aug:    Kununurra to El Questro Station (175km)
Day 28:  Thu 5 Aug:    At El Questo Station
Day 29:  Fri 6 Aug:    El Questro to King Edward River (390km)
Day 30:  Sat 7 Aug:    King Edward River to north of Surveyor's Pool (120km)
Day 31:  Sun 8 Aug:    Surveyor's Pool to Manning Gorge (370km)
Day 32:  Mon 9 Aug:    Manning Gorge to Bell Gorge (110km)
Day 33:  Tue 10 Aug:    Bell Gorge to Widjana Gorge (160km)
Day 34:  Wed 11 Aug:    Widjana Gorge to Derby (230km)
Day 35:  Thu 12 Aug:    Derby to Broome (330km)
Day 36:  Fri 13 Aug:    In Broome
Day 37:  Sat 14 Aug:    In Broome
Day 38:  Sun 15 Aug:    Broome to Eco Beach (140km)
Day 39:  Mon 16 Aug:    Eco Beach to Cape Keraudren (385km)
Day 40:  Tue 17 Aug:    Cape Keraudren to Point Sampson (505km)
Day 41:  Wed 18 Aug:    Point Sampson to Exmouth (625km)
Day 42:  Thu 19 Aug:    In and around Exmouth (275km)
Day 43:  Fri 20 Aug:    In and around Exmouth
Day 44:  Sat 21 Aug:    In and around Exmouth (260km)
Day 45:  Sun 22 Aug:    Exmouth to Coral Bay (170km)
Day 46:  Mon 23 Aug:    Coral Bay to Monkey Mia (595km)
Day 47:  Tue 24 Aug:    Monkey Mia to Kalbari (405km)
Day 48:  Wed 25 Aug:    Kalbari to Dongera (305km)
Day 49:  Thu 26 Aug:    Dongera to Fremantle (505km)

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