Your House

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Mickey Hart, Steve Kimock

One of the new lyrics written by Robert Hunter for the Rhythm Devils (Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman). These are the lyrics as published in Robert Hunter's journal.

Into my shoes and up on my feet
Out of the house and into the street
Down to the corner, left at the light
Block and a half, then make a right

Walk by tiptoe, walk on my hands
Cats on the corner out making deals
Look at me weird but I don't react (note 1)
Gotta walk right, that's a fact

Gotta get to your house, your house
Gotta get to your house
Gotta get to your house, your house
Gotta get to your house
Yes I do, yes I do
Yes I do, yes I do

Down in the alley and over the wall
Dog at my heels, not friendly at all
Flat on my belly, crawl under a fence
I'm almost there barring accidents

But accidents happen, they usually do
Whenever I'm trying to run into you
There's wires and brambles to trip up my feet
It seems like fate don't want us to meet


Torn and tattered, scratched and sore
I finally make it to your front door
I knock three times, no one replies
It's Saturday night, so it's no surprise

You gave me a key, so I let myself in
The floors are polished, it's neat as a pin
You left me a note, and what does it state?
I headed to your house, I just couldn't wait


I call my house, you answer the phone
Say: you can come over, but I'm not alone (note 2)
There's someone I met on the way over here
That looked like you, in the dark from the rear

Out of the house and down to the street
Retracing my steps when who should I meet
Someone who looked like you to a T (note 3)
And seems to be looking for someone like me

Love on a floor that's neat as a pin
You moved out and I moved in
I hope you're happy at my address
The windows are clean but the floor is a mess

(1) "Look at me weird, ha, they just make me laugh" in the version on 24 October
(2) "You say I can come over but there's no one at home" in the version on 24 October
(3) These two lines are "Someone who looked exactly like you/Looking out for someone like me" in the version on 24 October

     Date Album Recorded By
     24 Oct 2006 Fall Tour 2006 Rhythm Devils (note 4)
      Oct 2006 The Rhythm Devils Concert Experience Rhythm Devils
(4) this show was made available by Munckmix but seems subsequently to have been withdrawn.


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