You And Me

Lyrics: Pete Sears
Music: Pete Sears

Played by Moonalice and the David Nelson Band. On the Moonalice website, Pet Sears says:

"You and Me" is about my wonderful marriage to Jeannette Sears. I wrote it on our 35th wedding anniversary. It's a song of enduring love and friendship ... the kind that grows stronger with each new challenge, good or bad that life throws at you. It's about give and take 4 and respecting each other's need for personal growth within a relationship, but at the same time vibrating together in harmony. It's about growing old together and continuing to be one with your blessed children, your family and friends, the universe and this beautiful planet we call home.
Trapped inside who holds the key
Ancient walls of darkness feed
The shadows deep within the forests
Windswept trees

I fall into a pit of sinking sand
Reach for me and grab my mind and hold on tight
And ride with me into the night
You and me together
Feels right

Years roll by and seasons fall
Accelerating confidant and friend till morning
My lady of the lamp is calling

Desert flowers lead the way
I hold you tight and touch you softly
By the firelight, making love under the starlight
You and me together
Feels right

You and me together
Walking through the sand
Next to the oceans breath of life
When it's time for us to part
We'll meet again in Shangri-La
So fair thee well
Until we meet again

I saw you standing in the rain
And the rivers flow down to the sea
And the clouds are made for you and me
They hold the key

We face the sun and we are one
Another day another way
But we resonate in harmony
And you and me together
Feels right

You and me together
You and me together
You and me together
Feels right
     Date Album Recorded By
     2011 Dave's Way Volume 4 Moonalice


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