You Know I Will

Lyrics: Jim Mcpherson
Music: Jim Mcpherson

A song recorded by Mickey Hart and others as part of the Area Code 415 sessions in the early 1970s. The vocals are shared by Kathi McDonald and Jim McPherson. It was also sung by Jim Mcpherson with Robert Hunter and Roadhog. It was recorded (but never released) by John Cipollina's band Copperhead, including Jim Mcpherson.

If I could work a better way
If it brought a better day
You know I will
Honey, you know I will

If I can feel a better time
If I can give you more than mine
You know I will
Honey, you know I will

And when trouble come to get you
And makes you want to blow the stage
Well now, don't you worry
[?] help you right down on the trail

Yeah well I know what it's like
Out in the cold, mister
And it's harder still
You know I will
Honey I will

And when problems beset you
And everybody seems to laugh
Don't get in a tizzy, 'cause in a jiffy
I'm gonna get that monkey off your back

'Cause I know about the [?]
Out on the cold, sister
Harder still
You know I will
Oh baby I will

Let me tell you about it
You know I will
     Date Album Recorded By
     1972-73 Area Code 415 Mickey Hart and the Marin County Collective (unreleased)


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