You Can't Catch Me

Lyrics: Grateful Dead
Music: Grateful Dead

Dennis McNally mentions the Dead singing a song titled "You Can't Catch Me" in his book " A Long Strange Trip", though no recording under this title seems to be in circulation:

On returning to the Bay Area [in early 1966] they had a couple of gigs at the Matrix ... In addition to Chuck Berry, the jug material, Pig's blues tunes, and the originals, they'd added a couple of covers ... and three more originals: "You Can't Catch Me", "The Monster" and "Otis On A Shakedown Cruise." (p120)
It is possible that "You Can't Catch Me" was the title of a song we know under another name, such as You See A Broken Heart, Standing On The Corner or Keep Rolling By, though there is no indication from the lyrics of any link to "You Can't Catch Me".


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