Yellow Moon

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Anxious hope and thoughts of love
Will never let me down or let me go
Inside, my heart's a cage of ice
Where love and loss still toss the lonely dice
I burned the whole night long
My thoughts were never far from you
Love that locks and binds must die
But when it dies a bit of you goes too (note 1)

Born, born, born upon the world
The restless heart keeps flying
Trying to become the heart of home
Love, love, love, it picks you up
And spins you round
Sets you right back down where you belong

My head don't fit my hat sometimes
It gets so full of clouds
Every time I pass your door
I hear you cry out loud
Sometimes I look the same to you
As you have looked to me
My eyes get filled so full of stars
I don't know when to leave


Love is like the April rain
That makes the harvest grow
And when it grows it's
Like the summer gold
Love is like the colored leaves
That drift down from the trees
One by one 'til every tale is told

If I go a-dancing out across the yellow moon
I'll be home by morning if it doesn't come too soon
If you seek protection go and find a safety man
And if he can't give you what you need
Then come on by again

Priestess of the sun and moon
And goddess of the wind
You know too much to ever lose
And not enough to win
Though you built your house upon the rock
And not upon the sand
You're still looking out your window
For another traveling man

Yes it's love, love, love that picks you up
And spins you round
Sets you right back down where you belong
(1) The lyrics in Box of Rain are "But when it does ..." but it clearly sounds to me as if Hunter sings "But when it dies".

     Date Album Recorded by
      1974 Tiger Rose Robert Hunter
     1997 Home By Morning David Gans & Eric Rawlins

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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