Woody's Rag

Lyrics: [none]
Music: Woody Guthrie

An instrumental played by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman on 2 February 1991 at the Warfield. It was previously listed as "unknown instrumental", but thanks to Nel Rosenberg it has been identified as "Woody's Rag".

Various recordings are listed below. The Pete Seeger and Weavers versions are instrumentals. The Arlo Guthrie version starts with the instrumerntal theme and then goes into a talking blues ("Hard Work") over it. The Woody Guthrie version (on Smithsonian Folkways compilations of original recordings) is titled "Woody's Rag (Hard Work)" in some versions but "Talking Hard Work" in others. It is just the talking blues as covered by Arlo Guthrie to a simple guitar accompaniment, with perhaps a snippet of "Woody's Rag" at the start. I haven't found the original full Woody Guthrie recording of "Woody's Rag".

     Date Album Recorded By
      1992 Son Of The Wind Arlo Guthrie
      1989 Folkways: The Original Vision Woody Guthrie
      1964 Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs, Vol. 2 Woody Guthrie
      1957 The Weavers At Carnegie Hall The Weavers
      1955 Goofing-Off Suite Pete Seeger


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