Wild Northland

Lyrics: Torbert, Hovey
Music: Torbert, Hovey

Played by Bob Weir with Kingfish

Well, it's a wild northland
Velvet green isle with a sky blue ring
Hey it's a wild northland
A cold steel trap with a frozen spring

Well, he's cold and tired
He's been traveling all day
You know Juneau is just a hundred miles away
And he's found his gold
He dug it from that ground
But today's he's a lost, tomorrow night found


Hey, it was just last spring
He found his golden gates
Now his greed kept a-telling him that winter would wait
But now his autumn's gone
And the skies are gray
Lord the land is all white, he can't find his way

Baby it's a wild northland
He knew she'd never marry him while he was poor
And it's a wild northland
And get down on your knees and dig a little more

Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     studio 1976 Kingfish Kingfish

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