Wild And Free

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jim Lauderdale

A new Hunter/Lauderdale song in 2012.

It's mighty still and dark, the place is shut down
There's one small light on out around the back
I need to talk to Dolores before I leave town
If she'll just open up the door a crack

Next thing I know I'm looking down a shotgun
So close up I can even see the shell
She said get lost you no good bum
One false move I'll send you back to hell

I used to love Dolores best
Way much more than all the rest
Until she went and tried to tie me down
Until she staked a claim on me
Who's always been so wild and free
I come to say goodbye, I'm leaving town

She won't let me in, that's comprehended
One thing she makes very, very clear
That our discussion won't be open-ended
Nothing I can say she wants to hear

Say what you have to say and make it brief
He who cheats at love is twice a thief
If you don't know, no one could tell you
Love is blind and you're past all belief

I went to see my other darling
I could hear a big dog snarling
Maybe that's the midnight train from Memphis
I'd like to be on the train and gone
Wild and free by the crack of dawn
No need to trim my lawn or mend my fences

I got nothing to say in my defence, Juanita
I just come by to say I'm leaving home
I know you've been complaining how I treat you
It's about high time that I took off to Rome

Don't go getting weepy over me, no, no
I ain't worth a tear-drop in the snow
I'm not unless I'm living wild and free
I'm only come to tell you so you know

Don't you throw no stones at me
Just because I'm wild and free
A better way nobody ever showed me
Music, women never change
Everything that comes to me
I accept without apology

When it's time to settle down
Maybe I'll be back around
Maybe I'll just crumble where I fall
He who cheats at love she says
Twice a thief, sticks in my head
I can't figure what she meant at all
     Date Album Recorded By
     2012 Carolina Moonrise Jim Laudersale


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