White Wheeled Limousine

Lyrics: Bruce Hornsby
Music: Bruce Hornsby

A Bruce Hornsby song played with The Other Ones

She walked into town in a long white gown
And the band played on with no one around
And the rice was gone hours ago
And the white wheeled limousine's standing alone

Well, they met at the club where the brasses blow
Where the wine did flow, oh, he moved so slow
But finally one night as the wind stood still
He got up the nerve and she said "I will"

The day did come and the groomsmen arrived
Came a little early to go over their lines
As they walked to the church on the cobblestones
Was heard in the bushes a moan and a groan


She didn't want to think that she lived a lie
There was always talk of a wandering eye
He'd come to the club and he'd look all around
It took a fair-minded man not to wonder aloud


And the father of the bride is drinking so slow
     Date Album Recorded By
      1994 Trios Rob Wasserman
      1995 Hot House Bruce Hornsby
      1998 The Strange Remain The Other Ones


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