Weed With Willie

Lyrics: Toby Keith, Scotty Emerson
Music: Toby Keith, Scotty Emerson

Sung by Ross James with Phil Lesh at Terrapin Crossroads on 4/20/2016

I always heard that his herb was top shelf
Lord I just could not wait to find out for myself
Well don't knock it till you've tried it, and I've tried it my friend
I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Texas town
He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around
The last words I spoke before they tucked me in
I may discount bungee jump, but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

I'll never smoke weed with Willie again
My party's all over before it began
You can pour me some Old Whiskey River my friend
But I'll never smoke weed with Willie again

We hopped on his old bus the Honeysuckle Rose
The party was Huntsville, it was after the show
Alone in the front lounge, just me and him
I took one friendly puff and the grim creeper set in


Now we're passing the guitar, we're telling good jokes
I can tell one's a-coming 'cause I'm smelling smoke
No I do not partake I just let it pass by
With a grin on my face and a great contact high


In the fetal position with drool on my chin
We broke down and smoked weed with Willie again
     Date Album Recorded By
     2003 Shock'n Y'all Toby Keith


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