Warm Heart

Lyrics: Jeff Matson, J Markard
Music: Jeff Matson, J Markard

A Zen Tricksters song played by the Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson

A heart has no soul to her, it's just an appliance
There's no art to her love, she has it down to a science
We met once by coincidence and fell into a dirty ditch
I thought I'd make the best of it through arbitrary eyes

You can paint by numbers it won't impress me
In your shut eye slumber the colors you see
May toss you and turn you uncomfortably
While I rest in peace with a warm heart for you
I'm keeping my heart warm for you, for you

A heat rash in a cold war with an uncontrolled fire
A stem without the flower end pretends to be desire
I wrestled with the best of her got bloodied in the end
I gave my life a bend and held my observations high


And she says that time is money and that money buys her fame
And she wants to be rich and live up to her name
And she thinks that gold will buy her a life without pain
But the truest of fortunes is love
The kind handed down from above

This automatic pilot pointed downward for a landing
This woodworker took a nap while circular sanding
I found an empty bottle in a hole a dog had dug
I placed it near her mug she'll drink alone now in the morning

     Date Album Recorded By
     1999 A Love Surreal Zen Tricksters


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