Walk In The Sunshine

Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

Recorded on Bob Weir's album "Ace" in 2972 but never played live by the Grateful Dead. Played live once by Ratdog on January 24 2010 in Negril, Jamaica, and then in 2022 with Bobby Weir and Wolf Bros in the two shows marking the 50th anniversary of Ace, with Bob sharing the singing with Brittney Spencer.

See Bob Weir comments on this song in relation to another song recorded at the same time (but not released) The Dwarf

[spoken:] Look out, 'cause here comes some free advice

Walk in the sunshine
Watch for the bright sign
Be all those things you're able to be

You got to listen to the heavens
You got to try and understand
The greatness of their movement
Is just as small as it is grand

Try not to hurry
It's just not your worry
Leave it to those all caught up in time

You got to deep six your wrist watch
You got to try and understand
The time it seems to capture
Is just the movement of its hands

I ain't preaching, 'cause I don't know
How to make fast things move along slow
I can't stop it, I can't make it go
Just 'cause I say it, that don't mean that it's so

Watch what you hear now
Make sure it's clear now
Just 'cause it's said, that don't mean that it's true

'Cause folks always say
You got to make a revolution
You got to help me win my cause
You got to burn down all the buildings
You got to rub out all the laws

I ain't burning
Lord, I'm still only learning
How to become a man of my own
I ain't crazy, nor am I lazy
I just want to find out what's right and what's wrong

I ain't burning
Whole world keeps on turning
I'm still trying to find out what's right and what's wrong
I ain't crazy
Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     studio 1972 Ace Bob Weir


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