Unloved Children

Lyrics: Todd Rundgren
Music: Todd Rundgren

Sung by Todd Rundgren guesting with Missing Man Formation.

Must be a factory somewhere
Keeps on cranking them out
Seems like they travel in pairs
Not worth the trouble but too full of clout
Somebody must play his game
They get stuck in the here and now
Lending and borrowing pain
His fist, your face, you hit the ground
But he don't do nothing half way
Complete this equation
He needs just an occasion
[?] affirmation
To keep on cranking it out
We could build cell on cell
Mainlining straight to hell
But that would not dispel
Violent men, hard-headed women, unloved children

Must be a garden somewhere
Keeps on sending them down
Big eyes, big teeth, big hair
Ready to breed with the nearest clown
She has the will to complain (note 1)
But something won't let her
Break free of the tether
Even though she knows better
She just can't figure it out
We can prescribe for pain
Have her declared insane
Even all this won't change
Violent men, hard-headed women, unloved children

We let them find their own way
While everyone chooses
To ignore the abuses
We've all got excuses
We keep on, keep on cranking them out
And nobody has the time
To look at the great design
But they're all from the same bloodline
Violent men, hard-headed women, unloved children
(1) in the performance with Missing Man Formation, Todd Rundgren interjects "I forgot the words, dammit" and picks up the lyrics a bit later

     Date Album Recorded By
     1989 Nearly Human Todd Rundgren


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