Unfaithful Servant

Lyrics: Robbie Robertson
Music: Robbie Robertson

Sung by Tim Bluhm with Phil Lesh & Friends as part of their tribute to Levon Helm.

Unfaithful Servant, I hear you leavinG soon in the morninG
What did you do to the lady, that she's gonna have to send you away
Unfaithful servant, you don't have to say you're sorry
If you done it just for the spite, or did yOU do it just for the glory
Like a stranger you turned your back
Left your keys and gone to pack
Bear in mind who's to blame, and all the shame
She really cared, the time she spared and the home you shared

Unfaithful servant, I can hear the whistle blowinG
Yes, that train is a-cominG and soon you'll be goinG
Let us not bow our heads for we won't be complaininG
Life has been good to us all even when that sky is raining
To take it like a grain of salt
is all I can do. It's no one's fault
Makes no diff'rence if we fade away
It's just as it was, it's much to cold for me to stay

Goodbye to that country home
So long to a lady I have known
Farewell to my other side
I'd best just take it in stride
Unfaithful servant, you'll learn to find your place
I can see it in your smile and, yes, I can see it in your face
The memories will linger on
But the good old days, they're all gone
Oh lonesome servant, can't you see
That we're still one and the same, just you and me

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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