Under The Sea (Bill and Jerry)

Lyrics: Bill Kreutzmann
Music: Yuzo Koshiro

An extract from Bill Kreutzmann's book "Deal: My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams and Drugs with the Grateful Dead" read over musical backing on a cassette released in 2017.

"Jerry was in a wetsuit, with an oxygen tank strapped to his back. At that moment, he didn't look like a famous guitarist. He looked like an explorer. Which I suppose he was. He also looked like something straight out of a comic book or, perhaps, a character fron one of the sci-fi novels that he loved so much. The underwater world that we were about to explore, it was easily as strange and unusual and captivating as anything we had read about in Kurt Vonnegut books. That was fiction. This was not. ... We went diving with dolphins and pilot whales and white-tipped sharks and conger eels and all sorts of strange, far-out creatures that we never even imagined existed. That far out on the water, and that deep under the surface, we found that we could actually get away from the world above. It was the one place we could go where we weren't rock stars: we were just friends exploring the under water landscape. It was our great escape."
     Date Album Recorded By
     2017 King Zolo Sam Gas Can & Friends


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