Ukulele Lei

Lyrics: Pete Sears?
Music: Pete Sears?

Played by the David Nelson Band, mainly in Hawaii. Sung by Pete Sears, so it may be that he wrote it,

In the balmy breeze beside the tropical sea
In the shade of a banyan tree
The sunset's gold as the day grows old
By the light of [?]

And the silvery moon sounds a melancholy tune
To the rhythm of the falling rain
And we dance as one when the day is done
To the ukelele lei

It's a lazy day beside Ohana Bay
As the hula dancers swing
And the hazy charm of the coconut palm
As the lighthouse shines away

Through the endless nights we hold each other tight
And we love till the break of dawn
Like so many before beside a tropical shore
We lay together in the island sun

The piano man plays his upright grand
In the empty bar downstairs
The old drunk on his stool, he's everybody's fool
But he sleeps without a care

And the schooners lay in [Kaiolohia] Bay
As they come together as one
And the fan of the air calls a little brass band
And a bottle of Hawaiian rum

Over many a year, we shed a tear
Dear friends old and young
We live and we die but we get by
Love when the day is done

Often we cry as the years drift by
From the mountains to the deep blue sea
And as we grow old, may I be so bold
To say that you're the only one for me
And my ukulele lei


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