I Got Two Women

Lyrics: Ron McKernan
Music: Ron McKernan

One of the songs recorded for Pigpen's unreleased solo recording

I got two women, yes I do
One need me, but I need you
Feel so strange, I don't know what I've done
I think I'm freezin', freezin' in the heat of the sun

One woman say she love me, same as the other one do
I just don't know now what to do
I know I love her, but the other one on my mind
I just don't know what to do, keep either one from cryin'
And I feel so strange about what I've done
Yes, you know I feel like I'm freezin', freezin' in the heat of the sun

I go out, ain't got nothing on my mind
And I see a little lady there, she begin to catch my eye
I say say maam? How you? (note 1 )
She said "son could you go back to you ole lady"
I say why must I always go two roads at the same old time?

Feel so strange about what I'm doing
And I think, I think I'm freezing, freezing in the heat of the sun
(1) these two lines are almost whispered - thanks to Graham Wardle for his help in trascribing this.


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