Turkey In The Straw

Lyrics: [none]
Music: traditional

An instrumental played by Vassar Clements with Jerry Garcia and Old And In The Way

The name Turkey In The Straw became attached to the song in 1861 when Dan Bryant published a new song of that name using the melody of the older comic song Old Zip Coon. The lyrics are below, though in recent times it is primarily known as a fiddle instrumental. (Thanks to Matt Schofield for these notes)

As I was a-going down the road
With a tired team and a heavy load
I crack'd my whip and the leader sprung
I says day-day to the wagon tongue

Turkey in the straw, turkey in the hay
Roll 'em up and twist 'em up a high tuckahaw
And twist 'em up a tune called Turkey in the Straw

Went out to milk, and I didn't know how
I milked the goat instead of the cow
A monkey sittin' on a pile of straw
A-winkin' at his mother-in-law


Met Mr Catfish comin' down stream
Says Mr Catfish, "What does you mean?"
Caught Mr Catfish by the snout
And turned Mr Catfish wrong side out


Came to a river and I couldn't get across
Paid five dollars for a blind old hoss
Wouldn't go ahead, nor he wouldn't stand still
So he went up and down like an old saw mill


As I came down the new cut road
Met Mr Bullfrog, met Miss Toad
And every time Miss Toad would sing
Old Bullfrog cut a pigeon wing


Oh I jumped in the seat and I gave a little yell
The horses ran away, broke the wagon all to hell
Sugar in the gourd and honey in the horn
I never been so happy since the day I was born


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