Tropical Cashmere Sweater

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Bruce Hornsby

A Hunter lyric recorded by Bruce Hornsby.

Solomon's mighty crew
Went out on a limb for you
Haley's Comet and Frankenstein
Had what's best for you in mind

Seven Heavens spread through
The highest skies for you
The door to forever open wide
When you dare to step outside

Someone says: it packs no punch
Another one says: let's meet for lunch
Solomon says let's get to the point
We enjoin you to rock the joint

You're as good as money
In some ways even better
You're as good as cash on the line
In your tropical cashmere sweater

Santa sent a St Bernard
Mounted police go after you
When the weather was twelve below
Your skin just about to turn blue

East of the Sun invited you
West of the Moon for a drink
Sat you down on top of the world
Asking: tell me, what do you think?

Someone says: it don't compute
Another one says: just sits there mute
Solomon says: judge each other
As you would your sister's brother


Somedays it just doesn't pay
To blow a French-kiss at the sky
It's so busy raining on you
Seems like you'll never get dry

Get so mad you slap at the moon
And beggar the stars for rhyme
That attitude gets nowhere soon
But you're a lover most of the time

Someone says: you're all right Jack
Another one says: don't blow your stack
Solomon says: in your position
Call intermission and not come back

Be right back after pain and perdition
Hope you will be too if that's your decision
One thing for sure, there's no competition
You're the last one left, dear, after the intermission

Sweater, sweater
     Date Album Recorded By
     2016 Rehab Reunion Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers


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