I'll Forget You

Lyrics: Roberts, Garner
Music: Roberts, Garner

This was one of the songs recorded for Jerry Garcia's second LP ("Compliments Of ...") but not released on the original album. It sometimes circulates under the title "To Forget You", but "I'll Forget You" is the title given on "All Good Things", where it is simply credited to "copyright control." Great research by Eric Levy has discovered that was written by John Roberts and Bob Garner, and released as a single by John Roberts in 1968.

I got a feeling
You don't know that I'm aware
Of you running out on me baby

You think I'm done
One of these days you'll realise
I'm the only one

Who will take, take your mess
I want you to understand
That I've been doing my best
To forget you
To forget you

Baby now that I've told you
I don't feel so bad about me
When you didn't know

That we're worlds, worlds apart
You should feel so guilty
'Cause you have broke my heart

But someday you will find
Find a love like that somewhere
Gonna mess up your mind
He'll forget you
He'll forget you

Now I'm gonna leave you
No [sense] time to explain
'Cause I won't believe you

I'm still a man
I don't ever want to see
The likes of you again

Now that day, day has come
I'm gonna look out for myself
'Cause I'm number one
I'll forget you
I'll forget you
Jerry Garcia Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1974 Compliments Of ... Jerry Garcia (note 1)
(1) bonus track on the reissued album included in the box set All Good Things


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