This Time Forever

Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

This is a song mainly performed by Bob Weir with Rob Wasserman or one of his bands. It was also played once on 17 November 1978 by Weir, Garcia, Lesh and Hunter billed as "Bob Weir and Friends".

We'd had plenty of lovers
We had put in our time
We were anything but blind

Just as certain as angels
Of perpetual flight
When we met, we saw the light

This one for sure
This time forever
But it turned to sand
Slipping through our hands
As time slipped away
She was a stranger
When I woke and saw her face

She moved in for the winter
Made a garden in May
Summer came then the cold autumn grey

And I was gone when she left me
There was nothing to leave
Swept away on a breeze

(1) DeadBase XI lists this as "Swept Away" in a couple of 1987 set lists. I also think it's the song wrongly listed as "Certain Angel" in some setlists.

Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     Studio 1977 Heaven Help The Fool Bob Weir
      fall 1988 Weir/Wasserman: Live Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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