These Waves

Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Michael Kang

A new song written by John Perry Barlow for String Cheese Incident.

When I was born, I suppose that I was sober
Maybe so, it just gets harder when you're older
To the coffin from the nipple
From the cradle to the grave
Once a pond discovers ripples
Could it ever forget these waves?

These waves
Between pleasure and pain
These waves
Come and rock me once again
These waves
Will I ever stop riding these waves?

Like I always do, I found the Dew Drop Inn
What an excellent place to once again begin
But the kindnesses of strangers
Make a haven for fools
You get tired of the dangers
But it's hard to beat the rules of
These waves


These waves have got me
Caught between the joy and the bottom below
These waves have bought me
Down to the point
Where there's nothing that I'm certain I know

So rides the world, between freedom and fear
We long for love, and yet it's perfectly clear
That it takes a lot of courage
To keep an open heart
Though your love may seem well nourished
It will always be a part
Of these waves


As I grow old, is it true that I'll grow wiser?
I don't know, sometimes Fortune seems a miser
But I'm certain of one thing, baby: life is fair
You will have your days of glory
But you'll also get your share
Of these waves



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