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In an interview with Bob Weir in 2020, he said:

"When Jerry was writing, he would do what he was gonna do. And then maybe he would bring it to the band and we would arrange it, more or less. So it was kind of a co-writing situation in that regard. And there was a lot of stuff we all co-wrote. Like 'Thanksgiving,' we all co-wrote that. About half of the tunes in the earlier years were stuff we all worked up together. We would work on them wherever we were rehearsing."
It's a bit of a mystery what the song "Thanksgiving" is. It's possible it's a song we know by another title. One suggestion is that it was a mis-transcription for Truckin'. Another that he was referring to "St Stephen".

Thanks to Pete Millerman for alerting me to this interview, and to Caleb Kennedy for pointing me to the suggestions as to what Weir might have meant.


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