Telling My Friends About You

Lyrics: Merl Saunders, Larry Vann
Music: Merl Saunders, Larry Vann

Played by Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia in Reconstruction in 1979, with Ron Stallings on vocal. Also played by High Noon, with Mickey Hart on drums.

Here you come again girl
You got that little smile on your face
Tell me what's on your mind, baby
Tell me what you got to say
Well I've been tellin' my friends all about you
How good you make me feel inside
And now if there's a chance I'm gonna be with you
I'd sure like to have you by my side

I've been
(Tellin' my friends all about you)
Oh yes I have
(Tellin' my friends all about you)
I want everybody to know
(Tellin' my friends all about you)
I've been tellin' my friends, tellin' my friends

My love for you is so strong
I think about it all night long
Every time I get next to you baby
My body shakes all night long
All night long

It don't matter where I may be
My love [?] might come down
Who's ever going to be with me baby
Have to tell them just how fine you are

     Date Album Recorded By
     studio 2004 Still Groovin' Merl Saunders

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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