Tear My Stillhouse Down

Lyrics: Gillian Welch
Music: Gillian Welch

Covered by the Donna Jean Godchaux Band.

Put no stone at my head, no flowers on my tomb
No gold plated sign, in a marble pillared room
The only thing I want, when they lay me in the ground
When I die tear my stillhouse down

Oh tear my stillhouse down, let it go to rust
Don't leave no trace of the hiding place, where I made that evil stuff
For all my time and money, no profit did I see
That old copper kettle was the death of me

When I was a child, way back in the hills
I laughed at the men, who tended those stills
But that old mountain shine, it caught me somehow
When I die tear my stillhouse down


Oh tell all your children, that hell ain't no dream
'Cause Satan he lives in my whiskey machine
And in my time of dying, I know where I'm bound
So when I die tear my stillhouse down

     Date Album Recorded By
      12 Jul 2012 Live At The Iridium Donna Jean Godchaux Band


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