Talkin' Back

Lyrics: David Nelson, Barry Sless
Music: David Nelson, Barry Sless

Napster, NAFTA, free trade. lemonade
GATT rap, rat trap, can you hack a masquerade
Talkin' back, appeaser packin', tone lackin', lip smackin'
Overpaid promenade, show you how to make the grade
Gettin' laid, cavalcade, who's afraid of bein' made
When right into their soapy, greasy hands you have played

Take his hat, give it back, shake 'n' bake, chicken shack
Have yourself a triple Jack, V.O. back, then a snack
Smoke screen, folk scene, squeaky clean, in your dream
Dress 'em down, roll 'em up, desecrate the in-between
Throw stones, make your bones, roll your own cornerstone
To postpone the half-grown hole up in the ozone

Humpback, do I look fat, or emulate a copy cat
Store bought, hot to trot, not forgotten piggyback
Talkin' back, attraction lackin', takin' action, over-acting
Sycophant, turning up to dinner with a cootie catchin'
Mismatch diplomat, in self-invented habitat
With no imagination past the built-in back-scratcher
     Date Album Recorded By
      2014 Once In A Blue Moon David Nelson Band


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