Take One

Lyrics: Brent Mydland
Music: Brent Mydland

Recorded by Brent Mydland for a solo album but never released. The copyrighted title seems to be "Take One", but it is sometimes listed as "Steal Away"

Really admiring that
Moonlight oasis
The place of all places to be

Your face in a fountain
Of dreams
Each one runs its own way down to its own sea

Oh you take one
If you're feeling
You make one
It's your own loss
To steal away

Settle for a second
To think it over
Check it out before you go too far

Touch her twice
Before you know your
Dreams will have you wherever they are

(Don't steal away)

(Oh take one)

Countless voices
Forever calling
Trying to catch you carelessly offshore

Rising to reason
You just don't fall in
Giving in to get a little more



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