Sweet Adeline

Lyrics: Richard H Gerard
Music: Harry Armstrong

Played by Jerry Garcia with the Black Mountain Boys in January 1964. They attempted only a fragment:

Sweet Adeline (sweet Adeline)
My Adeline (my Adeline)
You are the flower of my heart
Sweet Adeline, my Adeline
The full lyrics are:
In the evening when I sit alone a-dreaming
Of days gone by, love, to me so dear (so dear)
There's a picture that in fancy oft appearing
Brings back the time, love, when you were near (when you were near)
It is then I wonder where you are, my darling
And if your heart to me is still the same
For the sighing wind and nightingale a-singing
Are breathing only your own sweet name (your own sweey name)

Sweet Adeline (sweet Adeline)
My Adeline (my Adeline)
At night, dear heart (at night, dear heart)
For you I pine
In all my dreams (in all my dreams)
Your fair face beams (your fair face beams)
You're the flower of my heart, sweet Adeline
You're the flower of my heart, sweet Adeline (sweet Adeline)

I can see your smiling face as when we wandered
Down by the brookside, just you and I
And it seems so real at times till I awaken
To find it all vanished, a dream gone by
If we meet sometime in after years, my darling
I trust that I will find your love still mine
Though my heart is sad, and clouds above are hovering
The sun again, love, for me would shine



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