The Stumble

Lyrics: [none]
Music: Freddie King

This was played by the Zodiacs, a band led by Troy Weidenheimer with Pigpen and Jerry Garcia in 1964. According to Eric Thompson:

"Troy could not only play exactly like Freddy King, he could move like Freddy King too. During that period, Freddy had his blues song hits in the chitlin' circuit and his instrumental hits in the frat circuit, and he was playing both kinds of gigs. So that was part of the Troy niche, those instrumental hits Freddy King had - 'Hideaway,' 'San Ho Zay,' 'The Stumble.' ... When Jerry got interested in the electric guitar again, he devoured the Freddy King stuff, but he'd already been watching Troy do it, so he already knew a lot about it."
     Date Album Recorded By
     1961 Let's Hide Away And Dance With Freddie Freddie King


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