Someday You'll See

Lyrics: Malcolm Welbourne (Papa Mali)
Music: Malcolm Welbourne (Papa Mali)

A Papa Mali song played with Bill Kreutzmann and 7 Walkers.

Dark is the valley
Lonely is the journey I'm ready to start
Here lies the distance
Now I'm walking in rhythm to the beat of my heart

You came to me like a bird in the night
Chasing your shadow as you circled in flight
Out of the dark sky and into the light
Somehow it seemd, you make everything right

I'll go down to the water
The water will wash away everything clean
I will follow that river
Till I meet my destination that awaits me downstream

You stand alone on the shoreline nearby
Gazing at me as I go drifting by
I've always known that in dreams I could fly
Someday you'll see, we'll walk in the sky

Someday you'll see
Someday you'll see
Oh, someday you'll see
Someday you'll see
     Date Album Recorded By
     2010 Seven Walkers Seven Walkers


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