Slipping Into Christmas

Lyrics: Leon Russell
Music: Leon Russell

Played by Jerry Garcia with Leon Russell, Doug Sahm, Phil Lesh and Mary Egan at the Armadillo World Headquarters on 23 November 1972.

Well, I'm slipping into Christmas
I'm sliding into New Year
And I'm missing all your kisses
Darling, since you're not here
The special things you give me
I won't find underneath my tree
And I'm slipping into Christmas
Wishing you were here with me

And I'm feeling kind of useless
Like a second-hand Christmas tree
And I'm thinking all about my baby
These blues have got a hold on me
Well, I know it's the season to be jolly
But Scrooge ain't got a thing on me
And so I'm slipping into Christmas
Wishing you was here with me
Yes I'm wishing that you was here
Yes I'm wishing, wishing you was here with me tonight on Thanksgiving one more time
Right here sitting on my knee, sitting right here with me, let me talk to you
And I wish you was here with me
     Date Album Recorded By
     1972 [single] Leon Russell


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