Shine Your Light

Lyrics: Jeff Matson
Music: Jeff Matson

A Zen Tricksters song played by Donna Jean and the Tricksters

Left to my own devices trouble finds me
Seeks me out, surrounds my house
Ignoring your advice is how it finds me
Points me out, floods my house
All around me warning signs and flashing lights
While feet turn into miles, the days turn into nights
While arrows of conceit are whistling past my ear
My head retrieves the words my heart refused to hear

Shine your light around me
Help me find my way
Throw me your rope, I'm ready
I hope it's not too late
I'm tired of walking alone, I'm ready to dance
And I hope from that look in your eye
that I still have a chance
I hope I still have a chance

This path I walk is sinking-built on quicksand
Shifting earth, crumbling stone
The price for solid thinking-set in quicksand
For what it's worth, I bear alone
Her manner was inviting, her face ghostly white
She offered me an apple and I took a bite
And now I dance with lightning and will face the heat
I'll carve these words in stone and lay them at your fee

Corrupted by illusion-dime store drama
Sleight of hand, exotic dance
I just blamed it on confusion-born of trauma
Fog and sand, hypnotic trance
With eyes shut tight and bated breath I count to ten
Then open just to find the beast is back again
And I curse the reckless pride that left me deaf to you
And now my turn has come to pray my words get through to you

     Date Album Recorded By
     1998 The Holy Fool Zen Tricksters


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