Shine On Love

Lyrics: Unknown
Music: Unknown

Played at a Jerry Garcia/Howard Wales and others on 26 Jan 1972, though Jerry was not on stage for this one. The title and authorship are unknown - "Shine On Love" is the title most often used on setlist.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
Early in the morning
Let your love grow, baby
Let me, let me be your soul
It's such a sad thing
That you have to go
Ah, baby, baby, baby, such a sad thing
I gave unto you
Everything you could ever want
I don't see what you're crying about
Help me be, help me be, help me be
Once again a man
And you know it's a xcrying shame
Every day, every day, every single day
I can't get nowhere with you on my mind
I hope this way
Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on


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