Shakedown on 9th Street

Lyrics: Ryan Adams
Music: Ryan Adams

A Ryan Adams song sung by Joan Osborne with Phil Lesh and Friends in 2006.

Head on down to 9th street, gal
Lets go out kicking with the boys and the gals
Wear your dress and bring my ring
Someone's gonna get it, ain't gonna be me

Lucy, Lucy my gal
Lucy, Lucy my gal
Lucy, Lucy my sweet
Lucy, Lucy my sweet
Lucy, Lucy my gal
Lucy, Lucy my gal
I was just gonna hit him but I'm gonna kill him now

We all met about half past three
Lucy, she was rocking by my kicking machine
Too many straights and not enough grease
That's when Lucy got it in the chest, I think


They started fighting, I was screaming for him
Boots all dirty, sexy and thin
Then on come the lights from the straights in their cars
I was just laughing when I hit the floor

Ryan Adams Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     2000 Heartbreaker Ryan Adams


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