Shade Of Grey

Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

Played by Bob Weir with many of his bands outside the Grateful Dead

Iguess it's just a shade of grey
When my head clears I might realize
Just might realize
But those grey eyes
That easy smile
Gonna stay with me a while

But out in the streets
Well it's night time on Broadway
Out in the streets
They just don't even know (note 1)

But seven stories high
All their dreams have been realized
Are being realized
And those grey eyes
Just light up and shine
When I touch her face with mine

Out in the streets
It's a whole other number
Out in the streets
It's on with the show (note 2)

Too well I know that crowd of strangers
I've played my part in that lovely show (note 3)

Out in the streets
Hear them racing their engines
Out in the streets
They got nowhere to go

I know it's just a shade of grey
And these peaceful moments never last
They're gone so fast
But those grey eyes
Beckon me once more
And we're riding out the storm

Out in the streets
They're all waiting for morning
Out in the streets
It just may never show
Out in the streets
Night flows like a river
Out in the streets
Time sits like a stone

Out in the streets
They've all got each other
Out in the streets
How come they're always alone

It's too late to find a lover
It's too early to go home

But up here in the sky
All their dreams are being realized
(1) On the Weir/Wasseman CD, Weir switches lines and sings "And it's on with the show (that's right, let's go)" here
(2) Similarly, Weir sings "They just don't even know" here
(3) Weir sings "... my part in their lonely show" on the Weir/Wasserman CD
(4) I think this is the song wrongly list as "Out In The Streets" in some setlists.

Bob Weir Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     Studio 1977 Heaven Help The Fool Bob Weir (note a)
     Fall 1988 Weir/Wasserman: Live Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman
      6 Sep 1989 Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman

(a) also on the compilation Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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