Saudação Popular

Lyrics: [Purim]
Music: Hart, Moreira, Purim, Lorenzo, Batacaje

A track from the album "Däfos" by Mickey Hart, Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. The liner notes give the following description:

"We join the ancient spirits in a dance of friendship - at once greeting and farewell. As we spin in ever-growing circles we become entranced, merging with the spirits. Leaving our physical bodies we fly with the spirits over the Mountains of Däfos, to visit their world - the "other side," the Underworld of Däfos. "Saudação Popular" is an adaptation of a dance belonging to the Brazilian martial art form capoeira. The saudação ("salute") is traditionally one of the earlier pieces performed in a copeira match, in a relatively moderate tempo."
Mickey Hart Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
      1983 Däfos Hart, Airto, Purim


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