Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Mike Bolger, Paul Bolger, Mark Hague

One of the songs Barlow wrote with Mr Blotto

Can I be the one that tosses you in sleep?
Can I be the one who's price becomes too steep?
Can I haunt your every moment
And every breath you breathe?
Can I be your one exception, Rosalie?
My Rosalie

Can I be the only thing you still believe?
Can I be the scarlet threads within your weave?
Can I be the grass that dries
Beneath your sweetly fallen leaves?
Can I wander through your garden, Rosalie?
My Rosalie

Can I be the song that's stuck inside your head?
Can I be a hunger never to be fed?
Can I be the final sentence
In the book beneath your bed?
Can you love me when you're dead, Rosalie?
My Rosalie
     Date Album Recorded By
     2006 Barlow Shanghai Mr Blotto
     2006 Barlow Shanghai - Live in Chicago Mr Blotto


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