Roll Me Over On The Tide

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Kimock, Anton, Fierro

One of Hunter's lyrics for Zero. Titled "Roll Me Over On The Tide" in Hunter's lyric book "Box Of Rain" but just "Roll Me Over" on the Zero CD.

Sailing along on the summer tide
With the holy ghost and the virgin bride
Love was enough, it didn't trouble you
You had a heart and nothing else to do

Looked okay when the world began
Seemed like plot, played like a plan
Freedom winds began to blow
You had enough, you were free to go

Roll me over on the tide
Roll me over, roll me
Back to back and side to side
Roll me over on the tide

Flashing thunder, blinding rain
Unaware you were causing pain
Things of the world laid at your door
Fed the hungry, you clothed the poor

Sense of time was all you needed
Your garden grew but never got weeded
Things came up you didn't plan to grow
They always do, you know


Not my intention to call your bluff
But hanging it up ain't good enough
Get on down by the sweat of your brow
There could be time if you started now

Play the tune you began to play
Before the words got in the way (note 1)
You said you could, I believe you can
I'm all ears, baby, what's your plan?

(1) Zero sing "Before I came and got in the way"

     Date Album Recorded By
     1997 Zero Zero
     2022 Naught Again Zero

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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