Rock 'n' Roll Moon

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

In an interview in March 1978 with Denis McNamara for 92.7 WLIR-FM Garden City, New York for the "Sunday At 9:00" program, Robert Hunter said:

"When I lived in Stanford Connecticut, I had a band in the 12th Grade called The Crescents. I went to Stamford High School for a year, and we would play around, little dances and things. I played trumpet, I had a bass clarinet and a guitar and drums. We played veterans, hospitals, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, what have you. And I wrote a tune called Rock 'n' Roll Moon, which I sent off to one of these little Tin Pan Alley ads which says, send us your tunes and we will publish them; something like that. And I got a thing back saying that the words were good but the music was lacking. And they would re-write the music for me for a fee, and give me promotion and everything. But I was smart enough to know this was a scam. That's how I started."


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