Rock Columbia

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

Up on the mountain, feeling tired and alone
Thinking it over, over and over
I feel like a rock among stone
Even the sweet go wrong
Life is a heartbeat long
The urge to sing was strong
I swung my battered guitar like a net
And caught me a startled song
On the wing

Rock Columbia, roll Columbia
Hey, good lookin', you can make a poor boy sing
Rock the sun up, roll the clouds away
Columbia roll

Up on the mountain I saw cities spread out like a map
San Francisco away to my left, New York right in my lap
I could see Boston below
Cincinnati, Ohio
People I love and know
Frightened and fighting, portraits in lightning
It was a hell of a show
And I know


Portraits in lightning
Pretenses fell
Rock, bone, blood, and the bell
The roar of the wind, the faces within
Asking: For who does it toll?
It tolls for thee


Darkness descended, I had nothing to keep out the cold
I stumbled and fell a number of times
On the high shortcut to the road
Sweet road take me home
Rock, blood, and bone (note 1)
I found my car though I was alone
I said: Driver take me home
If you can

Columbia roll
Columbia roll
(1) in a live performance on 26 September 1986, Robert Hunter sang "Roll, like a stone. Heart, blood and bone."

Robert Hunter Recordings
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     1986 Rock Columbia

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For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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