Ride Out

Lyrics: Greg Anton, Irv Rosenberg
Music: Greg Anton, Irv Rosenberg

Played by the Heart of Gold Band with Keith and Donna Godchaux.

I lit my cigarette twice each night
Been here about four or five years
Payed my dues with a bag of the blues
Bucket full of tears

Hard-headed woman put my face in a mask
Wants me to know how I feel
All I know is I gotta go
Might even get rid of my fears

Gotta ride out
Gotta ride out
See the clouds fly by in the north of the [?]
Feel the wind in my eyes make my blues go passing [?]
All it takes is a few mistakes this time
And now I'm gonna go with every bit of my soul
To ride
Gotta ride out
Gotta ride out

I can hear her calling out my name
She can't be far behind
I knew all the time in the back of my mind
I can't understand the feelings I feel
[?] too fast
If I could just learn how to make it next time
Well I know I'd [?]

Gotta ride out
Gotta ride out
Gotta ride out
Gotta ride out
Keith and Donna Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1980 The Ghosts Playing In The Heart Of Gold Band The Ghosts (note 1)
(1) also on the compilations Double Dose and Heart Of Gold Band


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