Rambling Ghost

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

The fourth part of Robert Hunter's Amagamalin Street Suite.

I'm not an easy mark, I've seen too much
Had money once, I was an easy touch
If I had a little less bone in my back
I'd beg for the things I lack
a smoke, a drink, a place to sack
I don't bum, I hustle my ride, it's a point of pride

Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street

Stand in back if you want my place in the line
A life of pleasure alone and a worried mind
The bus broke down, I got off (note 1)
Three-day stubble and a cigarette cough
Honey, you're so pretty and soft
Where lights are bright and it's loud
I blend well with the crowd

Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street

I often wonder what happened to my Roseanne
Don't get me wrong, I don't really give a damn
She was a decent girl, hardly my style
We hooked up for a little while
I was good to her but she was a child
Set her up out west - no thanks, though I did my best

Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street

Whatever happened to Murphy and my Maggie, too
She was my kind of woman but, Lord, what can you do?
They might of got married, they were both uptight
but why raise apples when the peaches are ripe?
With luck I'll find a party tonight
Strange about that Gyspy parlor light

Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street

Out of thirteen people who come here, twenty-six stay
Half of them haunt the street, the rest hide away
They call me the Rambling Ghost
It's my pleasure to be your host
You buy the bottle and I'll drink the toast
to the kind of people you meet on Amagamalin Street

Trying to beat the heat
Amagamalin Street
Trying to make ends meet
Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street
Amagamalin Street
(1) this line isn't in the lyrics in "Box Of Rain" but is in the recorded version.

Robert Hunter Recordings
     Date Album Recorded By
     1984 Amagamalin Street Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter gives this synopsis in "Box Of Rain":
Facing his own utter degeneration, yet still asserting his pride, Chet casts a sentimental eye back on his life and times, including the affair with Roseanne, and excuses himself from any blame for the bleak outcome of his existence.

Further Information
For more information on recordings see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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