Rainbow's Cadillac

Lyrics: Bruce Hornsby
Music: Bruce Hornsby

A Bruce Hornsby song played with The Other Ones.

He came to town with a strong pull
Would flash his moves for the worshipful
Shoulder moves from side to side
Go over your head, and dot your eyes

Every night about a quarter to ten
From the middle of June till the summer's end
People would gather from miles around
To see the mighty Rainbow knock 'em down

He'd pull up from around the back
Folks say, "There's Rainbow's Cadillac"
Fancy shirts and shorts of plaid
Coat of more colors than Joseph had


Take a quarter from the collection plate
Every night he would dominate
Jump to the top and pick off a dime
Throw it down at the proper time

     Date Album Recorded By
     1993 Harbor Lights Bruce Hornsby
     11 Jul 1996 Furthur More Bruce Hornsby
     1998 The Strange Remain The Other Ones


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