Pretty Little Miss In The Garden

Lyrics: Traditional/Ralph Stanley
Music: Traditional/Ralph Stanley

A song first played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage in 2006. It was previously recorded by the Stanley Brothers, New Lost City Ramblers and others.

Pretty little miss out in the garden
Strange young man come riding by
Down at the gate he did address her
Saying pretty little miss won't you marry me

No kind sir, I have a love on the ocean
Seven years gone, sailing on the sea
And if he sails seven years longer
No man on earth can marry me

What if he's drowned out on the ocean
Or lying dead in a battle land
What if he's found some other girl to marry
You'll never see your love again

If he is drownded I hope he's happy
Or lying dead in a battle land
Or if he's found some other girl to marry
I'll love that girl who marries him

He took his hand out of of his pocket
His fingers being both keen and small
This is the ring you placed upon him
And at his feet she did fall

He picked her up in his arms so tender
Kisses he gave her one, two, three
This is your love, some say a sailor
Returning home for to marry thee


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