One By Night

Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Mike Bolger, Paul Bolger, Mark Hague

One of the songs Barlow wrote with Mr Blotto

Little Darlin', you eye me funny
You got one eye cloudy and the other eye sunny
You're thinking way too much again
You got an extra kink in your crooked grin
You're analyzing everything
From our very first kiss to the wedding ring
Well, it's one for your daddy but he's too slow
Another for your momma but she don't know
It's three for the government, four for the Lord
Put it all together and it won't go no more

I get this distant early warning
"Honey I've been thinking"
Is the fatal phrase I always hear you say
Then I get out of the way
One by night and two by day
Yeah I get out of the way
One by night and two by day

At times, my Dear, you're liquid motion
You got a wiggle in you that could rock the Ocean
Without due consideration, you're wild and free
You got a heart as big as the galaxy
So why oh why this computation?
Is the fire down below beneath your station?
Well, it's one for the rock, 'cause it can roll
It's two for your body, and three for your soul
So come a ti-yi-yippie, let's rodeo
It's five to get ready and that she blows, she blows
     Date Album Recorded By
     2006 Barlow Shanghai Mr Blotto
     2006 Barlow Shanghai - Live in Chicago Mr Blotto
     2011 Blottopia XII Day 2 Mr Blotto


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