One Bad Love

Lyrics: Jackie Greene
Music: Jackie Greene

Sung by Jackie Greene with Phil Lesh & Friends and also solo with the Weir/Robinson/Greene trio.

I had no intentions of being a fool
Till one bad love up and read me the rules
Now I sleep like I'm dead, might be a little bit true
Bright sunlight creeping into my room
Everybody falls down
I need somebody
To tie my feet
To a stone in the ground

One bad love
Worst thing I can think of
One bad love
ad bad love

You start with a secret and you end in a cell
With one bad love for to help keep you in
You never can know somebody till you seem him suffer in pain
It's not like you recall or the man has changed
They tell me some people will never be saved
Well I don't believe that
I don't want to
I can't go out that way

One bad love
Worst hell I can think of
One bad love
Bad bad love

How can I stand by you
If I can't even stand on my own
How can I make it
When I wake up
In the dark all alone

One bad love
I know there's a heaven above
One bad love
Bad bad love

Bad bad love


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